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Welcome to Step By Step School

"Step by Step - where every step a child takes, a new journey begins."

Approach to Learning

Step by Step School is the perfect place for your young learner.

Step by Step School uses a multi-theory curriculum that encourages developmental growth, supports social-emotional skills, and promotes academic success. Our toddler program is aligned with local elementary schools and New Jersey State Standards:

  • Handwriting Without Tears supports the basis for proper handwriting skills, starting at an early age to begin understanding terminology that will continue to be used in the phase where writing begins to take place.
  • The Clover Model focuses on the social-emotional development of children of all ages. 
  • Mississippi Learning Standards describes the first three years of life that have a strong impact on brain development and learning. They are the foundation of healthy development and positive learning outcomes in preschool and beyond. 
  • The Waldorf Philosophy gives students a daily schedule to follow a consistent and creative routine.
  • Utilizing the Play-Based Philosophy encourages children to explore and learn through play: learning to be viewed as thinkers and make choices to practice individual decision-making.
  • Encouraging the Cognitive Based Philosophy supports active exploration giving opportunities to developing a positive self-concept and the growth of independence and self-sufficiency.

The Step by Step curriculum is aligned with local elementary schools and New Jersey State standards to provide a program that will encourage positive learning. This well-rounded educational program offers a multi-theory based curriculum in order to best serve the diversity of student learning. The goal at Step By Step is to focus on the child’s development of social-emotional skills in order for students to be academically successful. Utilizing this multitude of theories allows for teachers to be creative in providing developmentally appropriate multi-sensory tools and strategies in the classroom to support all styles of learning; therefore allowing children to grow emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

About Step by Step

Step by Step provides loving and educational childcare services through its daycare, after school, and summer camp programming.

At Step by Step, we take great pride in providing a safe and nurturing setting in which children can learn and play in the company of their peers and a caring staff. We foster a community-based environment where everyone is treated with respect and in which communication is a priority. Our days are filled with fun and engaging activities in which children ages six weeks and up can flourish. Our goal is to build lasting memories for our students and their parents alike.


Infants 6 weeks - 15 Months

This rapid developmental period gets off to a strong start as our caregivers form a bond with your child to foster emotional security.


One-Year-Olds 15-24 months

A dynamic classroom setting encourages exploration and the development of physical and socialization skills.


Two-Year-Olds 2-2.5 & 2.5-3

As your child shows greater independence, teachers ensure that individual interests are enhanced and supported. Due to the drastic developmental growth that takes place during the year 2-3, this age group is broken into a 2-2.5 classroom and a 2.5-3 classroom.


Pre-School 3 & 4 Year-Olds

A focus on reading and writing skills helps to build a strong foundation for school success.


After school Pre-K 3 & Pre-K 4

Core basics such as reading fundamentals, science, and art, are enhanced by a changing line-up of unique enrichment programs.


Step Up Afterschool: Kindergarten & Up

Engaging lessons, activities, and games promote a STEAM-based curriculum in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.


The staff have genuine love, energy, and passion for the kids and Step By Step program. Children and parents alike love them.


Step by Step School has been a truly excellent experience for our daughter. The Program is well-organized and communication with parents is excellent. The teachers are loving and engaging, an dthey make learning exciting and fun. 


Without hesitation, I would recommend any parent to consider Step By Step School. It is much more than an average aftercare - It's really been an extension of our son's development. He has grown so much through the program.


All the teachers at Step By Step School are wonderfully warm and fun, and we love hearing about all the exciting and educational activites they plan for the kids.

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