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Busy Bees and Creative Caterpillars Classrooms

Class Overview

Age Group:

24-30 Months


1 Teacher to 6 Children


For many people, the distinction between a “baby” and a “toddler” might just be a question of unimportant semantics, a distinction you might not even agree on the timing of when that change occurs. But one thing is for sure; it’s a pretty big difference for both the newly defined toddler, and their parents. Entering the toddler stage, when your child’s age is starting to be referred to in years, rather than months, is a critical stage of development for your child. Instead of just being a passenger through life, whether it’s by stroller or by Mom carrying them, as your child hits the two-year mark, they start to develop more of an identity. They start to explore the world around them, understanding and embracing their newfound independence, both physically and mentally. Instead of just grabbing for something, they actually might say what they want, or perform a wobbly yet effective walk over to get it. They are not a “baby” anymore, and in addition to starting to realize it, they want you to know it as well.

And at Step By Step in Hoboken, we have a team of dedicated teachers and instructors who want to encourage that transition, and provide a safe learning environment in which they explore that burgeoning independence. Our Busy Bees and Creative Caterpillars classroom is designed for children in the 24-30 month range, between two and three years of age. With a diverse selection of activities, skills, and curriculum, this classroom will look to ensure that your child has a comfortable experience as they move towards the transition out of the “baby” stage. Keep reading to learn more about the Busy Bees and Creative Caterpillars classroom, and how it might be able to benefit you and your child.

Bees and Caterpillars

One of the most important aspects of the Busy Bees and Creative Caterpillars classroom is the separation between the Bees and the Caterpillars. Due to the truly drastic growth and development that can occur during this period, the classroom is divided into a 2-2.5 year old group (Busy Bees) and a 2.5-3 year old group (Creative Caterpillars). This separation allows for our teachers to offer the diversity of learning that this period of life requires, as well as an agreeable environment that caters to the individual exploration of each age group of children.

Group 3

Development of “Self” Skills

In this period of self-exploration and independent development, your child is learning how to utilize their newfound independence, learning how to embrace their interests and navigate their emotions in the world. This classroom environment looks to balance the encouragement of vocal preferences, with self-regulation skills, helping your child to understand their emotions as they develop relationships with their peers, exploring empathy, concern, and building a basis to understand the concept of cause and effect. Our teachers will provide an enriching environment where your child can explore their growing minds, and critical concepts for their own development.

Group 1

Balanced Learning Routines

Part of allowing your child to effectively explore their own learning and independence is to provide a variety of diverse, yet consistent learning routines. This classroom offers a reassuring daily routine that will balance work, play, and teacher-facilitated instruction. Our curriculum uses the award-winning Handwriting Without Tears® Get Set for School®, which lays the groundwork for reading, writing, and math skills, tailoring the learning routine to fit the specific interests of your child. We also offer instruction in the Spanish language, to really drive home the diversity of information and learning experiences.

Group 2

Daycare Programs for Your Toddler - Step By Step

Whether your toddler becomes a Busy Bee or a Creative Caterpillar, this classroom will offer the critical learning and growing environment your child needs, to gain their own independence and form a basis for their future learning. And with a team of dedicated teachers, providing individualized attention and instruction, you can be assured that your child will have the best environment possible to help them achieve success.

Step by Step in Hoboken is a proud provider of daycare programs for children of all ages, including a selection of after school programs, preschool programs, and summer camps. Our team of compassionate and dedicated staff are experienced in applying effective teaching methods and supporting the growth of your child, so give us a call today and see how Step by Step can help you and your family.

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