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Happy Hoppers Classroom (15-24 Months)

Class Overview

Age Group:

15-24 Months


1 Teacher : 6 Children


While most people have heard of the “terrible 2’s” in regards to an uptick in their two-year-olds crying, whining, and throwing tantrums, the period roughly around 18 months can actually be just as difficult, as well as being a very important period for every child. While it might just seem like their mood is more volatile and their vocal cords are more powerful than before, this is actually a complex developmental period where your child is bouncing between their reliance on adults and their burgeoning desire for independence. From the parental viewpoint, it might be a fairly frustrating experience to see your child cling desperately to your leg in one moment, and then devolve into a crying and screaming rage the next. But from your child’s viewpoint, they are just starting to explore how they operate in the world, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and they are balancing on the fine line between feeling more capable and self-sufficient, and still requiring love, attention, and support from the adults in their lives.

At Step by Step in Hoboken, our team of dedicated and compassionate teachers want to channel that nervous independent energy into activities and exercises that support your child in the ways they need, while still allowing space for them to grow into themselves more and more. Our Happy Hoppers classroom is organized around creating this space for children in the 15-24 month range, with fun activities that help them learn and understand more about their own emotions, encourage physical activity and skills, and improve their socialization skills with their peers. Keep reading to learn a bit more about our Happy Hoppers curriculum, and how it could benefit your child.

Physical and Sensory Activities

As your child nears their 2nd birthday, they begin to gain a little more control of their bodies and their physical senses, including an improvement in spatial awareness, and a desire to see, smell, touch and taste everything around them. Our Happy Hoppers classroom will look to offer a variety of dynamic activities that enable your child to explore all their senses, as well as their newfound physical abilities. This includes an encouragement of physical skills like sitting, standing, and walking, including a unique sensory wall in the classroom that enables their curious minds to do some hands-on sensory exploration.

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Diverse Learning Activities

Our Happy Hoppers classroom has an important focus of providing a solid learning foundation for your child and their academic future. Our dedicated teachers want to utilize your child’s limitless curiosity during this time period to support their diverse development through a variety of learning activities. These include a variety of learning and communication activities, including reading, letters and numbers, art, singing, and both a Spanish and a sign language program to supplement your child’s blossoming ability to communicate.

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Socialization Activities

In addition to your child exploring the physical world around them and being able to understand some of it, they are also learning how to communicate, both with adults and their peers. And like most skills in this world, the name of the game is practice, practice, practice! Our Happy Hoppers classroom is designed to offer a variety of activities that encourage communication and socialization through group activities, team problem solving, and fostering their relationships with others through empathy and concern. This is the prime age to develop these skills and support your child in their quest to become a good sharer, collaborator, and communicator.


Daycare Programs for Your Toddler - Step By Step

In our Happy Hoppers classroom, your toddler will be able to fully unleash their curious energy, learning how to learn, and how to engage with the world around them, from the physical world to their peers. With a team of passionate and committed teachers supporting them every step of the way your child will be able to understand more about their independence, and have a blast while doing it.

Step by Step in Hoboken is a proud provider of daycare programs for children of all ages, as well as a variety of after school programs, preschool programs, and summer camps. Our staff of dedicated teachers is as experienced as they are committed to effectively teaching and supporting your child, so give us a call today and see how Step by Step can help you and your family.

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