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Our Director

For those of you who may not know who I am, my name is Omarys Casado and I am eager to introduce myself as Step by Step School’s Director! I have been a part of the Step by Step School community since 2015. I started as a lead counselor for our first summer camp where I was responsible for the three-year-old program (safety of children, activities, etc.) After a successful year, I was promoted to office manager. As an administrator, I was responsible for all staff records, staff violations, state requirements, development of school policies, student development, and student transitions. I have created the school’s policy for medication, toilet training, and discipline. I also played a part in tracking student development and all school transitions. I was the summer camp coordinator for 2017 and 2019. As a coordinator, I oversaw the logistics of running a summer camp program. Mainly, I was responsible for all campers, all activities, and all field trips. During the school year, I was responsible for student transitions and tracking of development. To conclude, I have experience in a managerial position at Step by Step School for four years. Specifically, I have experience in what it takes to run a daycare and aftercare program. I have attended licensing workshops and training before taking on this position. 



    • I am a proud Kean University graduate. I graduated as Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Psychology and specializations in Speech-Language Pathology and English Writing. I have close to forty-credits in children’s development; ranging from courses like infant and toddler development to early speech and language development to special education multicultural learners in diverse settings. My coursework has always geared towards the development of children. Throughout my undergrad, I was able to intern at different schools and/or hospitals for experience with children. As a freshman in college, I was awarded two different scholarships for academic excellence through the Kean University Scholarship Foundation. Since I entered college, I remained on the Dean’s List every semester.  As a sophomore in college, I was an intern at Stepping Stones, a school for children with Down syndrome. I observed different age groups and helped with activities, different therapies, and lessons. At the end of my internship with Stepping Stones, I was offered a position. However, I declined to continue to work at Step by Step School. During my senior year in college, I interned at Children’s Specialized Hospital where I assisted occupational, physical, and speech-language therapists. I learned how to conduct different assessments that examined the development of children. I recently concluded my internship with Children’s Specialized Hospital in place of my new position. However, I will still attend events and fundraisers in my free time. Lastly, I am still an active volunteer at the Center for Hope Hospice where I volunteer to spend time with terminally ill patients. Through internships and volunteering, I have had the opportunity to learn how to work with different age groups, with children with different disabilities, and with people with different illnesses. Although I may be younger than the average director, my experience and education should speak louder than my age. I bring a youthful, active, and enthusiastic approach to education. I believe being knowledgeable in different areas of development is what makes a director, not age. I look forward to bringing my experience into the role of the director. 
    • Mission: 

To be a director you must be keenly aware of the pivotal role one plays in the center’s quality equation. Teachers may impact children’s experiences, but the Director impacts children’s developmental outcomes by structuring the conditions that support teacher effectiveness. I believe in continuous staff development to ensure that all Step by Step teachers are up to date with new regulations and guidelines. In a world where there is constant change, education, teaching, and learning cannot remain stagnant. Therefore, our teachers undergo weekly online training and monthly staff development. I have modified and enhanced the curriculum that was created when we first opened. Some of the philosophies that we followed were outdated and therefore, eradicated, while the other philosophies are still true to what believe in. I have created a comprehensive and multi-theory curriculum for all Step by Step programs that account for every child and their different learning styles. I believe that each child should leave Step by Step with the proper tools to not only succeed in their academic journey but in all aspects of life. I also believe that although instructional and teacher-directed activities are important strategies to promote learning, I believe that play-based learning plays a vital role in the development of not only educational learning but socio-emotional development. I have been working with Step by Step teachers during the day, during evenings and weekends to ensure all teachers are implementing the curriculum. The education of our Step by Step students is of the utmost importance to me, and therefore, I will always play an active role to ensure that all our students receive top tier education. 



Ms. Omarys