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After School Programs


Pre-K Age Group:

3-4 Years

STEM Age Group:

5-13 Years

Teacher Ratio:

1 Teacher : 20 Children


For any parent, an after school program offers a safe and fun environment where your child can go after the school day if you are unable to pick them up after the school day. For many parents, this is a harsh reality of working a job (or two) to support their family, that sometimes you need some help taking care of, transporting, and entertaining your children. However, finding a reliable and enjoyable after school program for your child is much easier said than done, and finding an affordable and effective location is even harder. Any after school program has a difficult job of corralling, educating, and entertaining your kids, but not necessarily in such a structured space of school. It’s generally not the determined learning environment of school, but an after school program that can not only reinforce, but build on the lessons and experiences that school can provide is invaluable. Whether you need the help while you’re still at work, or would just like more variety and entertaining learning experiences in your child's life, an after school program like the programs we provide at Step By Step can offer a reliable solution.

At Step by Step in Hoboken, NJ, we are a proud team of experienced, educated, and compassionate teachers who want to provide smart and safe educational opportunities to your children, whether through one of our classroom programs, or an afterschool program. Currently, we are offering two different afterschool programs for different age groups; our Pre-K After School Program for 3-4 year olds, and our STEM Program, which is organized for older children up to age 13. Keep reading to learn more about our general themes and direction for the after school programs we offer at Step by Step, or check out the individual programs with the buttons below!

Interactive Curriculum Fundamentals

For an after school program, we want to provide a fun environment that supports school curriculum without enforcing it. The emphasis on our after school program is based on complimenting the curriculum of schoolwork, but with a lot more interaction and fun. After all, it’s an “after” school program! Utilizing songs, interactive charts, and a variety of enrichment programs, your child will continue to be exposed to the fundamentals they learn in the school day, but in a much more fun and interactive environment.

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Creativity and Enrichment

With our afterschool programs, we want to help foster natural growth and development in your child, and to do that, we want to provide as many creative and enrichment opportunities as possible. It could be a visual and vocal activity, some culinary arts, or even some group art collaboration. We also offer a different enrichment program each day to diversify your child’s experiences, including things like cooking, theater, dance, math and logic, LEGO’s, Spanish, art, and a variety of sports. Our goal is to provide a fun environment for your child to engage with.

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Thematic Science Programs

Whether your child is in our STEM program, or the Pre-K program, our after school curriculum is proud to include a variety of science/technology themes and activities for your child to engage with. From geology to different animals and insects, to understanding the weather, we want to engage the curiosity of each child and introduce them to some of the most important things that govern our natural world. And with a variety of tech gadgets and screens, your child will be able to interact and experience these themes and information at the most modern level.

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After School Programs for Your Child - Step By Step

It may be frustrating as a parent to need an after school program for your child, but with our after school programs at Step by Step, you can be assured that your child will be entering a supportive, creative, and exciting environment where they can learn and most importantly have fun. When you finally pick them up, we hope they won’t be able to stop talking about what they learned about that day!

Step by Step in Hoboken is a proud provider of a variety of daycare, after school, and preschool programs to children of a wide range of ages. We also offer a great selection of summer camp programs, extended care classrooms, and after school activities. So give us a call today and see how Step by Step can help you and your family.

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