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Gifted Grasshopper Classrooms (3-5 Years)

Class Overview

Age Group:

3-5 Years old


1 Teacher : 10 Children


When your child starts to get old enough where their age is referred to in “years” rather than “months”, you start to actually realize how quickly they are growing up. They are really starting to learn about life and living it, and most importantly, how they fit into all of it. And part of that understanding is not only getting used to a journey of education, but enjoying it. That’s where preschool comes in. The actual phrase of “preschool” is an interesting one, because while it is usually attended during the years before the traditional school your child might attend, a good preschool can offer a level of community, integration and education that might rival the effectiveness of any traditional “schooling” you child receives. But an effective preschool also has other characteristics that make it an ideal choice for some families and children. Whether your child’s age and birth date has made them miss the cut-off for a public school program, or you would just like a little more flexibility in his or her schedule, a reliable preschool program like the one we offer at Step by Step can support your child as they start to truly prepare for the journey of education ahead of them.

At Step by Step in Hoboken, we have a team of experienced, talented, and dedicated teachers that are committed to providing a quality level of education, recreation, and joy to your child. Our Gifted Grasshopper Classroom is organized for children in the 3-5 year range, and offers a variety of enriching activities and programs for your child. This preschool program will offer a core learning curriculum that integrates creative expression, physical movement, and honestly a bit of fun. Keep reading to learn more about our Gifted Grasshoppers preschool program, and see if it’s right for your child.

Core Curriculum for Lifelong Learning

As a preschool program that is preparing your child for the journey of education ahead of them, our core curriculum is designed to create a foundation for their academic experience. We create theme-based units that address math, science, technology, the arts, social studies, Spanish, and reading and writing, a unit which is supported by the award-winning Handwriting Without Tears® Get Set for School® curriculum. Our goal is to not only prepare your child for the future advanced learning in these specific areas, but to also create a strong and coherent environment that enables your child to become a lifelong learner.


Physical and Creative Expression

At Step by Step, we believe that the arts and creative expression are an integral part of daily life, so we make sure to enrich our curriculum with those facets as well. Part of this enrichment program is supporting your child’s natural ability to create, through art activities and music classes. Part of it is also supporting your child's natural desire to physically express themselves, which we try to foster through activities like soccer and yoga. As your child grows and learns how to individually express themselves, we want to create the most accepting environment for that.


Fostering Social Competence

As your child nears the ages of 3-5, their desire, as well as their ability to communicate and connect with their peers grows every day. Our Gifted Grasshoppers program wants to support this ability as much as possible and help your child grow socially. Whether that’s lively discussions during group circle time, practicing conflict resolution, or simply learning what belongs to them and what doesn’t, we want to foster a pressure-free social environment. Your child will learn the critical life skills of empathetic collaboration, as well as developing peer relationships.


Preschool Programs for Your Toddler - Step By Step

While a reliable preschool program like our Gifted Grasshoppers classroom, is “pre” school and might seem more like preparation than education, it’s never too early to start supporting a love of learning in your child. Our Gifted Grasshoppers preschool program will provide the teacher guidance that guides your child, while still giving them all the room they need to individually grow and thrive.

Step by Step in Hoboken is a proud provider of a variety of daycare and preschool programs to children of a wide range of ages. We also offer a great selection of summer camp programs, extended care classrooms, and after school activities. So give us a call today and see how Step by Step can help you and your family.

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