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STEM Program

Class Overview

Age Group:

5-13 Years


1 Teacher : 20 Children


We all look to provide the best and most effective education to our children, both in diversity of experiences and subject material, in order to adequately prepare them for the world, and help them grow into an upstanding and contributing citizen. And as technology and scientific practices have only become more and more important and relevant, it seems like it’s become equally more and more important and relevant to educate our children about technology and scientific practices. In this modern era, there is even an acronym to describe all types of science and technology based education, because it’s so darn important for our children’s education. STEM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is a curriculum that utilizes those four disciplines as a basis for the education of your child. It’s widely used because it offers an interdisciplinary approach to these critical concepts, and because of their nature, allows for a lot of applicable hands-on exercises that helps the curious minds of your children have fun while they learn.

For concepts this integral and important, you want a team of dedicated and educated teachers providing this curriculum to your child. That’s where Step By Step in Hoboken, NJ comes in. We are a proud team of compassionate and experienced educators who want to provide the best level of care and supportive education for your child as possible, whether that’s in our daycare programs or after school activities. Our STEM Program is one of our afterschool programs that offers a hands-on approach to learning the complex yet integral concepts of the STEM curriculum. We offer this afterschool program to a wide range of ages (5-13 years old), and tailor our teaching methods to compliment your child and their abilities. Keep reading to learn a bit more about our STEM afterschool program, and how we can start supporting you and your child.

STEM Curriculum

The most important of our STEM after school program is our curriculum that integrates the interdisciplinary approach to all the aspects of STEM. The acronym exists because each concept supports the others; for example, math and science are an integral part of understanding the way technology works, and all three offer necessary insight into the understanding of engineering. We try to integrate this complementary approach into our curriculum, with thematic days that focus on things like the weather or animals, allowing your child to really dive into a subject, which will ultimately offer important insight on the next thematic day of curriculum.


A Modern Classroom

A large part of a STEM curriculum is that the subject matter is quite applicable to a lot of things in everyday life, which makes an involved, hands-on activity one of the best ways to learn these concepts. Our STEM after school program tries to implement that with a variety of activities, and a modernized classroom with screens and tablets. These pieces of technology offer an incredible intuitive way for your child to have their hands and eyes on some of the concepts they are learning, as well as becoming more comfortable with technology, and the many ways it can effectively support their learning experience.


Analytical Creativity

One of the biggest educational benefits of STEM curriculum that we offer at our Step By Step after school program is the way it supports a diversified approach to concepts and overall learning. The rigid and pragmatic nature of most STEM concepts offer a grounded conceptual basis for approaching problems, but they also offer opportunities for analytical thinking. By presenting activities, questions, and obstacles within the STEM curriculum, your child gets to analyze and approach things with a more diverse perspective. Even something as simple as building a LEGO structure can offer a great foundation for understanding engineering, and our committed teachers are here to support that connection and analytical creativity in any way they can.

Analytical Creativity


STEM After School Program for Your Child - Step By Step

In our modern world, the importance of STEM concepts, and the education that helps understand them fully has only become more important. Our STEM after school program is designed to provide the diverse and applicable learning experiences that comes from a STEM curriculum to your child, with a team of compassionate and experienced teachers to help guide them along the way.

Step by Step in Hoboken is a proud provider of a variety of daycare, after school, and preschool programs to children of a wide range of ages. We also offer a great selection of summer camp programs, extended care classrooms, and after school activities. So give us a call today and see how Step by Step can help you and your family.

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