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Safety & Security

At Step by Step School, our top priority is to keep children safe and secure as they go about their day.

We want parents and guardians to feel confident in our practices, and to recognize that the procedures put in place are never intended to inconvenience our families, but only to provide a secure environment.

The following procedures and processes have been implemented by Step by Step School to provide optimal safety of children and staff:

  • All parents and legal guardians are required to use the biometric fingerprint scanners each time they enter Step by Step School.
  • Additional family members and visitors are required to check-in at the front desk and provide a valid state ID or passport before entering the facility. Clearance for pick up must be done in advance and confirmed by parents/guardians. 
  • Children’s bathroom doors remain open at all times.
  • Regular emergency training is provided to administrators and staff, including what to do in the case of a flood, fire, or intruder.

In addition, you’ll also find the following security enhancements at Step by Step School:

  • All classrooms are now equipped with lock-down door barriers as well as blinds to cover windows in case of an intruder. 
  • An alarm system which includes a distress code to the Hoboken Police Department.
  • Dual entry and exit ways in all classrooms.
  • Closed-circuit video cameras monitoring all classrooms and common areas (with the exception of restrooms), in addition to the outside perimeter.
  • The video feed is regularly monitored by administrators and is available for observation by parents and legal guardians in the front vestibule.
  • Absence of locking mechanisms on all lower-level classroom doors.
  • Glass panels on all classroom doors.
  • The Monroe Center and its’ permitter now have an active security guard on the premises.  
  • Procare Software allows for student check-in and out, tracking of parent and child information, and secure tuition processing.

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