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Wiggly Worms Classroom (6 Weeks – 15 Months)

Class Overview

Age Group:

6 Weeks to 15 Months


1 Teacher to 4 Children


For new parents who have had a child in the past year, adjusting to the wonderful world of parenting an infant (or readjusting if this isn’t your first kid) is as rewarding as it is difficult. Your infant is discovering the world around them for the first time, recognizing who Mom or Dad is, practicing how to talk, and developing thoughts, feelings, and characteristics for their developmental future. They come into this world curious and ready to explore, and providing your infants the space in which to pursue their curiosity and creativity alongside peers going through the same development, can help them become better learners, observers, and creators

At Step by Step in Hoboken, our team of dedicated teachers want to provide an effective space to foster that development. This extremely rapid and critical developmental period gets off to a strong start as our caregivers form a bond with your child to foster emotional security. We’ll follow your baby’s personal napping, eating, and diapering schedule, while implementing time for activities that foster creative, social, and educational development in your infant. Keep reading to learn more about some of the activities we offer in our Wiggly Worms classroom for your infant!

Learning Activities

For your infants, we want to introduce some important educational facets that utilize your child's natural curiosity at this age, and provide them a solid learning foundation for the future. These facets include our Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum, basic sign language to enhance communication abilities, and a variety of nursery rhymes and story telling. In addition to providing an introduction into educational learning opportunities for their future, your child will practice communicating and listening through a variety of supportive development methods.

Group 3

Creative Activities

At 6 weeks to 15 months, your child is exploring how their minds work, what they can absorb and what they can create. And our goal is to foster that creativity in an open and supportive environment, which is why we utilize a variety of creative activities, designed as an effective outlet. This includes Art, Music, and Storytime, each providing a different medium where your child can both absorb created pieces, and create them themselves, generating opportunities for effective cognitive development.

Group 2

Social and Physical Activities

In addition to exploring their developing minds, your infants are also exploring the physical world around them, and the people who inhabit it. From adults to other infants, your kids both want, and need to experience the physical and social world they live in. That’s why our teachers offer a number of activities that allow for this experience, like Group Play, Yoga and Outdoor Activities when weather permits it. Whether it’s being supervised in the sunny outdoors or learning sharing and social cohesion with their peers, these activities will provide even more diverse learning opportunities for your infant.

Group 1

Daycare Programs for Your Infant - Step By Step

With our Wiggly Worms program, your infant can take their first steps into the wide schooling world, with supportive instructors and activities there for them at every step of the way.

At Step by Step in Hoboken, we have a team of dedicated teachers, with the experience and commitment required to effectively teach and support your child. We have daycare programs for children of all ages, as well as a variety of after school programs, preschool programs, and summer camps. See how Step by Step can help you and your child, and call us today!

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